Use in command line


$ git clone
$ cd spang
$ npm install
$ npm link


Usage: spang2 [options] <SPARQL_TEMPLATE>

  -V, --version                output the version number
  -f, --format <FORMAT>        tsv, json, n-triples (nt), turtle (ttl), rdf/xml (rdfxml), n3, xml, html (default: "tsv")
  -e, --endpoint <ENDPOINT>    target endpoint
  -S, --subject <SUBJECT>      shortcut to specify subject
  -P, --predicate <PREDICATE>  shortcut to specify predicate
  -O, --object <OBJECT>        shortcut to specify object
  -F, --from <FROM>            shortcut to search FROM specific graph (use alone or with -[SPOLN])
  -N, --number                 shortcut of COUNT query (use alone or with -[SPO])
  -G, --graph                  shortcut to search Graph names (use alone or with -[SPO])
  -a, --abbr                   abbreviate results using predefined prefixes
  -q, --show_query             show query and quit
  -L, --limit <LIMIT>          LIMIT output (use alone or with -[SPOF])
  -l, --list_nick_name         list up available nicknames and quit
  --param <PARAMS>             parameters to be embedded (in the form of "--param par1=val1,par2=val2,...")
  -h, --help                   output usage information

Shotcut mode

Only ten triples are obtained from the target endpoint.

spang2 -L 10

List of graphs are obtained.

spang2 -G

To obatain the list of target endpoints,

spang2 -l
spang2 -F -L 10
spang2 -S
spang2 -O -L 10
spang2 -O -P rdf:type -L 10
spang2 -O -P rdf:type -N
spang -S taxon:Taxon
spang -S taxon:Taxon -a
spang2 -S taxon:Taxon -P rdf:type -L10 -a
spang2 test/tax/count_species.rq -a --param name=Primates